A matchless complication

Watches with universal time or astronomical indications impose specific cities, chosen by arbitrary conventions deeply ingrained in watchmaking custom. Anywhere by Krayon takes the opposite tack, espousing the unique vision, aspirations and dreams of its wearer. It is the logical progression from Everywhere, a ‘hypercomplication’ capable of indicating the time of sunset and sunrise anywhere in the world – it was awarded the Innovation Prize at the Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG) in 2018. Anywhere, building on the same patent, goes to the core of a personal ephemeris.

Elegance and
technical sophistication

A mariage of pure elegance and technical sophistication

The Anywhere calibre is an ideal of beauty, a marriage of pure elegance, legibility and technical sophistication in 432 components. The second opus in a family of unusual ‘hypercomplications’, Anywhere is the natural next step from Everywhere, and at the same its opposite. Seemingly simpler, not only in its appearance, but in its use as well, more balanced.

Synthesis of mathematics
and artistic watchmaking creation

A dream come true

The Anywhere calibre was meticulously conceived and assembled by Rémi Maillat, watchmaker and founder of Krayon. It is a new movement, dedicated and designed for Anywhere, offering a power reserve of 72 hours. Of a certain width to accommodate both day and night discs, it is very thin in view of its complexity: At only 5 mm, it allows a case thickness of just 9 mm.


The regulating mechanism for the day and night discs is located at 6 o'clock. Immediately setting the Anywhere movement apart from all others, it shows the intricacy of racks and yokes, with a distinctive screw system in the centre. On either side, two discreet screws facilitate adjustment by the watchmaker.

It is a hand-wound calibre, designed in the tradition of classic movements. Its barrel is coupled to an elegant ratchet click. All perforations are countersunk. The shape of the bridges is particularly adorned, made of solid and fine lines, an inviting canvas for the art of manual bevelling. The numerous hand-worked inward and outward angles establish Anywhere on a par with the finest of contemporary executions.

Technical informations

  • Movement : Caliber C030
    • Diameter: 35.40 mm
    • Thickness: 5.00 mm
  • Functions
    • Hours and minutes
    • Sunrise and sunset times
    • 24-hour display
    • Simple calendar
    • Month
  • Specifications
    • Power reserve 86 hours
    • Frequency 3 Hz
    • Manual winding, with stopwork
    • 55 jewels
    • 432 components
  • Displays
    • Hours and minutes at centre
    • Sunrise and sunset times on peripheral discs
    • Date at 6 o’clock
  • Anywhere models