Krayon premieres at Only Watch

As a sign of its commitment to supporting Only Watch and the Monegasque Muscular Dystrophy Association (AMM), Krayon has created a special timepiece for collectors and lovers of rare refinements who seek a singular complication. Anywhere Only Watch 2021 Edition indicates the time of sunrise and sunset at the precise location chosen by the client – anywhere in the world.

Fittingly for the occasion, this one-off is equipped with the prototype calibre that enabled the complication’s development. The dial is a window to the sublime: a delicate miniature painting, a contemporary reinterpretation of Claude Monet's famous Impression, Rising Sun – orange, blazing, intense, the force at the origin of all life, reminding us there is something greater than ourselves to strive for.

Anywhere models

Unprecedented complication in the watchmaking universe

What if you could tell the exact time of sunrise or sunset at any location on the planet? Wherever you happen to be – or imagine yourself to be. Anywhere Only Watch 2021 Edition is an unprecedented complication in the watchmaking universe.

In telling the time, it connects us not only to when we are, but to where we are or choose to be. Time is a place – one you see, remember or feel in your heart.

Connect us to where we are
or choose to be

Hypercomplication, intimately linked to its wearer.

Engineer, designer, masterful watchmaker and founder of the brand, Rémi Maillat transforms unimagined horological concepts into timekeeping complexities with the tip of his pencil. His second creation, Anywhere, indicates the duration of the day and the time at which the sun rises and sets at any given point on the globe. In other words, Anywhere places the wearer at the centre of an intimate clockwork, that of the watch and the universe.

Capturing this emotional dimension of time and space, at the nexus of one’s perception of place and actual geography, is at the core of Krayon's calling. Maillat’s interpretation takes the form of a timekeeper that reaches beyond habits and conventions –like mornings and evenings are, always the same but never the same, always most personal.


Orange, intense, blazing – the sun as life force

That Only Watch 2021 is under the sign of the colour orange is serendipitous, as it amplifies tenfold if not a hundredfold what is at the core of Anywhere. At the heart of the large peripheral ring that divides the day into two sections, the dial pays tribute to Claude Monet's masterpiece, Impression, soleil levant – Impression, Rising Sun.

For Rémi Maillat, there is no more intense moment than when one is immersed in the twilight as the sun passes below the horizon. Or when the sun rises at dawn, hinting at the power emanating from its blazing disc.

combining technical prowess
and artistic flair

An exceptional Métiers d'Art dial, delicately hand-painted in miniature.

Careful study of tides, weather reports and celestial trajectories made it possible to date Monet's masterpiece with startling accuracy. Monet painted Impression, Rising Sun from his hotel room on Southampton Pier on November 13th, 1872 – a Wednesday – at 7:35 am, thirty minutes after dawn.

Fleeting in time, but lasting for the art world, this moment is captured by Anywhere Only Watch 2021 Edition with a dial combining technical prowess and artistic flair. The champlevé artistry demonstrated by the Swiss enameller in bringing to life the multitude of hues and shades gives this contemporary reinterpretation of the famous painting a standing all its own.

at the beginning
of the development journey

The very first prototype

Anywhere Only Watch 2021 Edition, created exclusively for the Only Watch auction, is powered by a very special calibre: It is the first prototype used for final testing before the official launch of the commercial series – and carefully preserved by Rémi Maillat

Its apparent simplicity, width, thinness in relation to its complexity (only 5 mm), hand-wound mechanism and technical sophistication (432 components, 72 hours of power reserve) – unique traits that never fail to impress. A gasp-inducing feat of imagination and engineering in defining a point in space-time, at the wearer’s will.

Set according to
winning bidder's choosen location

Sunrise & Sunset anywhere

The winning bidder will of course have the watch set to the city or place of his or her choice for the indication of sunrise and sunset.

Krayon feels very proud and privileged to contribute to the success of the 9th edition of this prestigious and needed event with this very special piece.

Technical informations

Krayon Anywhere Only Watch 2021 Edition, unique piece.

  • Case
    • Stainless steel
    • Diameter: 39mm
    • Thickness: 9.5mm
    • Water resistant 30m
  • Dial
    • Métiers d'Art, one-off dial created exclusively for Anywhere Only Watch 2021 Edition
    • Miniature painting, by hand
    • Contemporary reinterpretation of Claude Monet painting Impression, Rising Sun.
    • Hour and minute indication in the centre
    • Day and night indication at the periphery
    • Sunrise and sunset indication on the periphery, for the location chosen by the wearer
    • 24-hour time indication
    • Single date at 6 o clock
    • Indication of the months
  • Calibre
    • One-off calibre. First prototype C030 Series. Prototype engraving on the bridge.
    • Diameter: 35.40 mm
    • Thickness: 5.00mm
    • Power reserve: 72 hours
    • Frequency: 3 Hz
    • Manual winding, stopping mechanism
    • 55 jewels
    • 432 components
  • Strap
    • Blue leather strap
    • Stainless steel pin buckle
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